1936-1939 : France and the Spanish Civil War and Revolution


Barry PATEMAN: Thoughts on the Significance of France, May 1968

from Fifth Estate # 401, Summer 2018. Retrieved August 28, 2018 from

SK: Looking Back at France, May 1968

From Fifth Estate #401, Summer 2018. Retrieved August 28, 2018 from

Iain MCKAY: The Paris Commune

A shorter, edited version of this appeared in Freedom, 10th March 2001

Iain MCKAY: The Paris Commune, Marxism and Anarchism

Created April 22, 2008; Published on Anarchist Writers (

FREEDOM WEEKLY: The Paris Commune

Scanned from original. Original Editor’s Note: This essay consists of three separate articles which were first published in Kropotkin’s paper Le (...)

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Journal of Social History (Winter 2010) 521-543. "The greatest challenge posed by terrorism is not a threat to institutions and values; it is a (...)

BOUHEY, Vivien (English Summary) Parisian Anarchist Leaders from the mid 1880s to 1894" Les leaders anarchistes parisiens du milieu des années 1880 à 1894

In our Ph.D. dissertation (Vivien Bouhey, Les Anarchistes contre la République, PUR, 2009), we have shown that, between 1880 and 1894, there (...)

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A look at the French Communist Party’s mystification of the 1919 Black Sea Mutiny. “We, the Social Defence Committee and the Black Sea Sailors (...)

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