Theses and Dissertations in English

This list is not exhaustive and if you notice any error or omission please write to Ronald Creagh.

Authors of Ph. D. Theses and Doctoral Dissertations are invited to send a summary of their work at the same address


NEMATOLLAHI, Ali. "Anarchism and literature in France, 1870-1900"

Ph. D. diss., City University of New York. 2001, 307 pages

GOODWIN BURWOOD, Linnea G. "Alexander Berkman: Russian-American anarchist"

Ph. D. diss., State University of New York at Binghamton, 2001, 377 pages

BOEHRER, Frederick George, III. "Christian anarchism and the Catholic Worker movement: Roman Catholic authority and identity in the United States"

Ph. D. diss., Syracuse University. 2001, 288 pages

PURCHASE, Graham. "Peter Kropotkin: Ecologist, philosopher and revolutionary"

Ph. D. diss., University of New South Wales (Australia). 2003, pages

KONISHI, Sho. "Cooperatist modernity: Anarchism and Japanese-Russian transintellectual relations in modern Japan "

Ph. D. diss., The University of Chicago. 2003, 417 pages

MacDUFFEE, Allison Jane. "Camille Pissarro: Modernism, Anarchism, and the representation of ’the people’ 1888—1903" [France]

Ph. D. dissertation, University of Michigan. 2004, 323 pages

KISSACK, Terence S. "Anarchism and the politics of homosexuality

Ph. D. diss., City University of New York. 2004, 311 pages Free comrades : anarchism and homosexuality in the United States, 1895-1917. Edinburgh (...)

WILLIAMS HYMAN, Erin. "Symbolist saboteur: Anarchism and aesthetics in fin-de-siècle France" [Rachilde, Alfred Jarry, Henrik Ibsen, Norway]

PhD Dissertation, University of California, Los Angeles. 2005, 214 pages

PLANK, Darren Heber. "Spanish anarchists’ reactions to the 1898 war between the United States and Spain: Explanations of their reaction to the war"

Dissertation, The University of Texas at Arlington, 2005, 71 pages.

KHURI-MAKDISI, Ilham. "Levantine trajectories: The formulation and dissemination of radical ideas in and between Beirut, Cairo, and Alexandria, 1860—1914 (Lebanon, Egypt)".

Harvard, 004, 390 p.

HEUER, Gottfried. "The influence of the life and ideas of Otto Gross on the life and ideas of C. G. Jung"

University of Essex, G.B. 2004.

HENNINGSSON, Borje Ingemar. "Dalarna became Red. Social Democrats, Anarcho-Syndicalists and Communists of the labour movement in Dalarna, 1906—1937 (Sweden)".

Upssala Universitet, Sweden. 2004. 312 p.