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"As any politician knows, no evidence of any kind is ever required. It is only necessary to make a statement – any statement –forcefully enough to have an audience believe it. No one will check the lie against the facts, and, if they do, they will disbelieve the facts. Do you think the German people in 1939 ’pretended’ that the Poles had attacked them and started World War II? No! Since they were told that was so, they believed it as seriously as you and I believe that they attacked the Poles."
— Isaac Asimov, review of George Orwell’s 1984, in Asimov on Science Fiction.
Anarchist Feature Stories
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Critical Studies in Media Communication, Volume 20, Number 4 / December 2003, Pages: 335 - 361 Traditionally, radical social movements faced a (...)

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1. We can define "The Media" according to whether or not a given medium professes itself to be "objective"-in three senses of the word, i.e., (...)

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Social Movement Studies, , 2, 1, (Apr, 3-15 2003) Indymedia, the Internet-based network of Independent Media Centres (IMCs) that has rapidly (...)

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Every concept has a particular content and thus a certain meaning. But the content and meaning of a particular concept can be manipulated by (...)

Chomsky on the Media

Andrew Marr interviews Noam Chomsky Chomsky 2002 Noam Chomsky interviewed by Francine Achbar Noam Chomsky interviewed by Francine (...)

Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

1st Part 2nd Part Canada, 1994. Color and B&W, 170 mins. National Board of Canada. The story goes more or less like this: The New York (...)

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"Going beyond the idea of “parallel” publics (Fraser) or “nested” publics (Taylor), anarchist counterpublics embody both directly antagonistic (...)

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Author’s Abstract Government, media, and medical accounts of Emma Goldman converged to create her public presence in the U.S. as a “dangerous (...)

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Black Rose, 2005. ISBN: 1551642603. (pb) Publisher’s presentation: "Herman and Chomsky’s "propaganda model" argues that there are five classes (...)