HEROUX, Eric. "PostAnarchia Repertoire"

Philosophy. Post-anarchisme

Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies vol.1 (2010)

“PostAnarchia Repertoire” is a set of discrete propositions about postanarchism.
These can be read either as stand-alone units in any order,
or also as a linear development that unfolds from beginning to end.
The essay attempts to articulate the implied principles, themes, and
concepts from across a range of contemporary postanarchist writing.
Themes here include: transversality across acentric and polycentric
networks; the tension between the three revolutionary ideals of liberty,
equality, and solidarity; the potential consequences of taking
equality seriously; how the anarchist criticism of representation has
been complicated by the paradoxes of deconstruction; the necessity
of dissensus and the appeal of paralogy and the dialogical; and finally
why a polythetic definition of anarchism is more suitable than an
essentialist definition.