CALL, Lewis. "Post-anarchism Today"

[Editorial of Anarchist Developments in Cultural Studies (2010) No. 1]

CALL, LewisPhilosophy. Post-anarchisme

Welcome to Post-anarchism Today. This is certainly not USA
Today, et ce n’est certainement pas Aujourd’hui en France. Indeed,
it is a refreshing antidote to all such discourses of modern state
capitalism. During its short but colourful existence, post-anarchism
has always been libertarian and socialist in its basic philosophical
outlook: that’s the anarchism part. But post-@ has also maintained
its independence from modern rationalism and modern concepts
of subjectivity: that’s the post- part. As I survey post-anarchism
today, I find to my surprise and delight that both parts are stronger
than ever. It’s now clear that post-@ is a part of anarchism, not
something that stands against it. It’s equally clear that post-@ has
changed anarchism in some interesting and important ways.