PERLMAN, Fredy (August 20, 1934, Brno, Czechoslovakia 1934-July 26, 1985 Detroit, Michigan).


MOORE, John (1957 - 2002)

Formative British anti-Civilisation theorist and poet John Moore collapsed on his way to work as a lecturer in Creative Writing at the University (...)

COMIN’ HOME. Defining Anarcho-Primitivism with John Moore

At the opening of Against His-Story, Against Leviathan!, perhaps the premier anarcho- primitivist text, Fredy Perlman remarks: "This is the (...)

MOORE, John. Prophets of the New World: Noam Chomsky, Murray Bookchin, and Fredy Perlman.

How well they flew together side by side the Stars and Stripes my red and white and blue and my Black Flag the sovereignty of no man or law! Paul (...)

PERLMAN, Lorraine, Having Little, Being Much: A Chronicle of Fredy Perlman’s Fifty Years

– Black and Red (Detroit), 1989, 2002. – Black & Red, 2002. ISBN-10: 0934868301; ISBN-13: 978-0934868303 – Online (...)

PERLMAN, Fredy. Contre le Léviathan, contre sa légende.

Montréal : Maikan, 2006. 359 p

SANTUCCI, James. "The Immateriality of Capitalist Economics: Fredy Perlman on Commodity Fetishism"

Telos 160 (Fall 2012):