CLARK, John P. (New Orleans, USA. 21/6/1945 - )


CLARK, John P. "From Globalization to Global Justice"

Presented at a seminar on “Globalization and the Third World,” August 10, 2002, Central Public Library, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Sponsored by the (...)

CLARK, John P. "Ecopolitics as a Politics of Spirit"

What is ecopolitics? We notice first that the term is derived from ecology, a logos, that is, a reasoning about, or reflection on, the oikos, the (...)

CLARK, John P. "Master Lao and the Anarchist Prince"

The Laozi (formerly, Lao Tzu) is one of the great anarchist classics. No significant philosophical work of either East or West has been more (...)

From the Gulf to the Gulf: New Orleans Professor John Clark Testifies on the "Triple Crime of Katrina"

John Clark, professor of philosophy and environmental studies, spoke at this weekend’s Bush crimes commission about systemic racism and the (...)