GAMBONE, L. "Proudhon and Anarchism"

It took me twenty years to get around to reading the works of Pierre Joseph Proudhon. Bakunin, Kropotkin, Malatesta and Goldman were all familiar (...)

GAMBONE, L. "The Libertarian Movement in Chile. 1840 to the Present"

The rise and fall of the libertarian movement in Chile is a facinating story. There is more to the story than mere historical interest, however. (...)

GAMBONE, Larry "Syndicalism in Myth and Reality"

THE MYTHS OF SYNDICALISM Syndicalism died after WWI. Syndicalism was finished as a revolutionary movement by 1910. Syndicalism was finished off (...)

GAMBONE, Larry. "Reform and Revolution: Moderates and Revolutionaries in the French CGT".

This is a reviewed edition of a text which also appeared in Anarchist Archives ANARCHISM AND SYNDICALISM Until the outbreak of the First (...)

ARMAND E. "The Anarchism of E. Armand. A collection of writings of E. Armand, a French Individualist anarchist and last of the ’classical’ anarchists" by Larry GAMBONE.

The life of E. Armand (1872-1963) spanned the history of anarchism. He was influenced by Leo Tolstoy and Benjamin Tucker, and to a lesser extent (...)

LANDAUER, Gustav. "For Community. The communitarian anarchism of Gustav Landauer, the origins of his thought and influence". By Larry GAMBONE.

Gustav Landauer was born in Karlsruhe, Germany on April 7 1870 of bourgeois origin. At a very early age he came into conflict with both his (...)

GAMBONE, Larry. Move over Karl, Anarchism Is Back! (Review of Kevin A. Carson’s Studies in Mutualist Political Economy)

Anarchists tend to look embarrassed when the subject of economics comes up. Or we mumble something about Proudhon and then sheepishly borrow (...)

GAMBONE, Larry. "The Spanish CGT" (22 Oct 2004)

I was well received by the International Relations representative of the CGT, (Confederacion General de Trabajo) Angel Bosqued. We talked for (...)