Glasgow (Scotland)


Practical anarchy : Clydeside’s anarchist news-sheet, Glasgow (Scotland).

International Institute of Social History, Amsterdam (Holland): (1982):Aug.; (1983):Feb.,Aug.; (1984):March. - With: (...)

MacDONALD, Ethel (Motherwell, Scotland 24 February 1909 - 1 December 1960)

Born in a working-class family, MacDonald left school at 16. She became politically active in the Independent Labour Party and then became (...)

Charlie Baird Sr. : An Interview

Before the war I’d been sympathetic to the Communist Party, as early as 1 6 or 17 years of age. It wasn’t until the war, when Russia had signed (...)

CALDWELL, John Taylor. With fate conspire: memoirs of a Glasgow seafarer and anarchist.

Bradford, Northern Herald, West Yorkshire, UK, 1999. 230p., illus. ISBN 0952316714 With Fate Conspire is the long-awaited second (and (...)

Anarchism in Glasgow: Charlie Baird Snr, Mollie Baird, John Taylor Caldwell, Babs Raeside

In August 1987 the Raesides, who had been living in Australia for many years, returned to Glasgow for a visit. This provided a rare (...)