McElroy, Wendy. Freedom, Feminism, and the State : An Overview of Individualist Feminism

A textbook with many rare 19th and 20th century documents. Oakland, Calif. : Independent Institute (Independent studies in political economy). (...)

April 13-15, 2006 Pitzer College, Claremont Ca. "International Anarchist Academics and Activists Conference"

Call For Papers and Participants Next April, anarchist academics and activists will gather for three days of culture jamming, music, film, (...)

PRESLEY, Sharon. Exquisite Rebel: The Essays of Voltairine de Cleyre-Feminist, Anarchist, Genius

Presley, Sharon (ed. and introd.); Sartwell, Crispin (ed. and introd.); Falk, Candace (foreword). Albany, NY: State U of New York Press, 2005. (...)

CRASS, Chris. "Voltairine de Cleyre - a biographical sketch"

Voltairine de Cleyre was born on November 17, 1866 in Leslie, Michigan. She was named after the philosopher Voltaire who her father admired (...)