Guerre d’Irak (2003-2011)


CLARK, John.- 2003 Feb. 15 New Orleans Anti-War Rally

Comments at Feb. 15 Anti-War Rally, Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA. by John P. Clark I come here to represent the Green Alliance , which is (...)

CLARK, John P. "On the US Presidential Election: The Left Sells its Soul to the Devil and all it Gets for it Is A Lousy ’Support Our Troops’ T-shirt"

During the electoral campaign I sent a number of messages to discussion lists and individuals in which I assessed the electoral process. My (...)

SOLOMON, Norman. "A Distant Mirror of Holy War"

The conflict in Iraq has become a holy war. In both directions. On the surface, the most prominent headline on the New York Times front page (...)

PARIS, Jeffrey. "The Black Bloc’s Ungovernable Protest"

Peace Review, 2003, 15, 3, Sept, 317-322 Compares the intellectual response to the ungovernable protests attributed to the Black Bloc (...)

GEMIE, Sharif, "Occupation and Insurrection in Iraq, 2003-04".

Anarchist Studies 13:1 (2005)

"The History of French and American Pacifist Movements". International Bilingual Symposium. Chambéry, April 6-7 2006.

Vicki Briault Manus ; “The Anti-Globalization Movement as Non-violent Resistance”. The so-called Anti-Globalization Movement continues the (...)

DAVRANCHE, Guillaume. « “Unité d’action” avec les islamistes ? »

Cet article est paru dans le mensuel Alternative libertaire de mai 2004. Une possible « unité d’action » entre anticapitalistes et islamistes ? Cette (...)