The Movement

Rosa Parks, 45
She was arrested by the police because she refused bus segregation. This triggered the civil rights movement in the United States.

Alternative Social Movements - Anarchist Activities - Anarchist organizations


Anarchist Activities

Activities - Organizing meetings - Propaganda by the deed

Anarchist organizations

Includes: different views on organization, on how to organize. Anarchist organizations are included here, but of course the page is still in (...)


GUÉRIN, Daniel. Anarchism. From Theory to Practice

– Introduction by Noam Chomsky, New York : Monthly Review Press,n 1970. 166 pages ISBN : 0-85345-175-3 – Zabalaza Books, n. d. 76 (...)

RUHE: Review: Breaking Loose

from Fifth Estate #396, Summer 2016, Vol. 51, No. 1, page 36 a review of Breaking Loose: Mutual Acquiescence or Mutual Aid? Ron Sakolsky. LBC (...)

Mark LEIER: What today’s activists can learn from “the father of anarchism”

Originally printed in Fifth Estate #391, Spring/Summer 2014

DE CLEYRE, Voltairine. Direct Action

"These actions are generally not due to any one’s reasoning overmuch on the respective merits of directness or indirectness, but are the (...)