Film documentaries related to anarchism


PRADO, Antonio. "Anarchism and Counterinformation in Documentaries : From Civil War Spain to Post-2001 Argentina"

Latin American Perspectives (2013) 40 : 50 Summary The work of anarchist collectives in the film industry during the Spanish Civil War and (...)

Spanish Civil War, by David Hart (1982)

Spanish Civil War 1: - Prelude to Tragedy (1982 David Hart — Documentary) Spanish Civil War 2: - Revolution, Counter Revolution and Terror (...)

Emma Goldman. An Exceedingly Dangerous Woman

B. Traven. A Mystery Solved. Will Wyatt and Robert Robinson

Will Wyatt’s fascinating and insightul 1979 documentary of his search for the real identity of the writer B. Traven (1882-1969), now known to be (...)

"Sacco and Vanzetti". A film by Peter Miller

81 minutes. Color/B & W English 2006 An 80-minute-long documentary that tells the story of Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti, two (...)

An Anarchist’s Story

Film 1 16" 59 (English) BBC Scotland Pelicula Films Ltd., 2006 Prod. & Directed by Mark Littlewod Produced and Researched by Alison (...)

Benno, The Fiction Memoir of a Painter, France : A Surrealist Guide to Being. By Phyllis Nemhauser

2003 English Visual Material : Videorecording : Partial animation : VHS tape Book Archival Material 1 videocassette (ca. 20 min.) : sd., (...)

Chomsky on Anarchism

Conversations with History: Noam Chomsky On this edition of Conversations with History, UC Berkeley’s Harry Kreisler is joined by linguist and (...)

The Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists

USA, 1980. B&W and color, 60 mins. Pacific Street Film Collective. Cinematography by Judy Irola. Editing by Kristina Boden Music by (...)

Anarchism in America

USA, 1981. 75 Mins., 16 mm. Original script by Paul Berman, in collaboration with Kristina Boden, Steven Fischler, Gerald Kagan, Lora Myers and (...)

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