Theses and Dissertations on Anarchism : Master’s and Ph. D.

Dissertations and theses do not always reach a very high academic standard; yet some of the authors of the following works have achieved well-deserved recognition: Paul Avrich, Henry David, or H. D. Ellis and H.L. Osgood to name but a few in the field of history. Many of these research pioneers work in new areas relatively unknown or sometimes ignored by academia. This collection also reveals a surprising range of topics, including philosophy, literature, fine arts, cinema, sociology, women’s studies, industrial and labor relations, political science, psychology, education, religion, rhetoric,speech, communications, urban and regional planning, biography and various areas in historical studies; it also shows an openness to other nations and may be interpreted as the first symptom of an international anarchist scholarship.


English Abstracts of theses and dissertations in other languages

Theses and Dissertations in English

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