DI GIAMMARIA, Loris. "Anarchismo epistemologico e pragmatismo: razionalita e logica dell’indagine scientifica nel pensiero di Paul K. Feyerabend e John Dewey"

Filisofia. Rationalité* bibliografiaFilisofia. Epistemologia DEWEY, John (1859-1952)FEYERABEND (1924-1994)

Sociologia e Ricerca Sociale 24 (2003) 72: 5-36
Taking into account that Feyerabend & Dewey expressed their
theories during substantially different historical contexts; this
study analyzes the contributions of both philosophers to better
expand on the concept of scientific rationality. It also tries to
find the answers to the following questions: can rationality exist
if not identified with abstract models? Is it possible to support
a scientific rationality in constant evolution, having to face
perpetual discussions on its own limits & fundamentals? Dewey ties
scientific theory strictly to scientific research while Feyerabend
ties scientific theory to anthropology; however, both philosophers
promote a pragmatic concept of rationality. They also reject any
kind of systematical interpretation & show neither predilection
nor disfavor for any ideology.