BECUCCI, Stefano. "Pratiche di sovversione sociale: il movimento dei disobbedienti"

désobéissance civileSocietà. Altermondialisation * bibliografia

Quaderni di Sociologia, 2003, 47, 33:5-20
talian self-managed social centers are of three types:
Marxist-Leninist, anarchist, & disobedient. This paper focuses on
the disobedience movement & its position in the antiglobalization
arena. Emphasis is given to the movement’s identity, its political
& social vision, & its methods. Born soon after the G8 Summit in
2001, it has become a movement within the antiglobalization
movement, playing an important role in the Genoa Social Forum.
Based on the interviews of representatives from the disobedient
social centers in Padua, Turin, Pisa, & Naples, this research
examines the movement’s peculiarities through a detailed
comparison between the different political & cultural models
followed by each group.