RIEBE, Ernest. Mr. Block : twenty-four IWW cartoons

literature: comic strips* bibliographieROSEMONT, Franklin (1943-2009)RIEBE, Ernest

original 1913 introd. Walker C. Smith ; Song lyrics by Joe Hill ; new Introd. Franklin Rosemont Chicago : Charles Kerr, 1984. # SBN: 0882860631
& ISBN: 0882860623 Edition: (pbk.)

"Riebe & his "Block Supply Co." at P. O. Box 156, Minneapolis, are long gone, but his comic art is still making people laugh — & think. One of the best-loved features in the Wobbly press, & his comic book was a hot seller for years. Joe Hill wrote a "Mr. Block" song, & Riebe brought out two more Mr. Block comic books, a Mr. Block play, & Mr. Block postcards. Other IWW artists introduced Block into their own cartoons. Like all labor cartoonists, Riebe is largely overlooked in the various surveys of US comics issued by the big multinational publishers. Increasingly, scholars recognize Riebe as an important figure & some call him the first "underground" comic book artist. Throughout the 1980s, Riebe’s work was prominently featured in Carlos Cortez’s cross-country Wobbly Art Show. Historians Joyce Kornbluh, Dave Roediger & Sal Salerno have reproduced Mr. Block cartoons in their pathbreaking studies of the Wobbly counterculture." David Brown CIRA, Lausanne

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