BUSH, George W., Jr


CLARK, John.- 2003 Feb. 15 New Orleans Anti-War Rally

Comments at Feb. 15 Anti-War Rally, Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA. by John P. Clark I come here to represent the Green Alliance , which is (...)

Observatoires des Multinationales

Ces sites peuvent représenter d’autres intérêts... Il faut donc exercer son sens critique et vérifier les informations. Un fait vérifiable peut cacher (...)

The Betrayal of Afghanistan

This article was published in The Guardian, Sep 20, 2003 Extracts: " It was my first visit. In a lifetime of making my way through places of (...)

No Way to Peace - Peace Is the Way

This article appeared in Social Anarchism, A journal of theory and practice # 35 Winter 2002-2003

LEE, Earl. Kiss my left behind.

Aventine Press; (November 2003). 236 pages. ISBN: 1593301065 A clever parody of those "Left Behind" and similar "End times" novels by Christian (...)

2004 Aug 26 New York Demonstrations: "Democracy Daunted" by Starhawk

From: Starhawk Sent: Thursday, August 26, 2004 5:30 PM To: Starhawk@lists.riseup.net Subject: [starhawk] RNC Update 5 Democracy Daunted (...)

2004 08 29 New York Rallies

Photos du 1er septembre

HERMAN, Edward S. "The War of Terrorism"

As the powerful seek domination their control of language is as important to their success as their possession of weapons to frighten and kill. (...)

La tornade électorale américaine et le regard de Noam Chomsky. Par Ronald Creagh

Il suffit de se plonger dans un journal américain du dix-neuvième siècle pour constater à quel point les élections présidentielles ressemblent à une (...)

ALBERT, Michael. "Tomorrow Is a Long Time"

I woke up, suffered through the news, and opened my email. This was the first message I read. "Seriously.. I don’t know who answers you guy’s (...)

One People, one Country, one Leader

The next few years aren’t going to be pretty. By a small majority, Americans voted for four more years of war, fear, economic downward (...)

CLARK, John P. "On the US Presidential Election: The Left Sells its Soul to the Devil and all it Gets for it Is A Lousy ’Support Our Troops’ T-shirt"

During the electoral campaign I sent a number of messages to discussion lists and individuals in which I assessed the electoral process. My (...)