ZERZAN, John (1943 - ). Anarchiste américain. Philosophe primitiviste et auteur


Zerzan, John. "Anarchy after September 11"

"For those in the U.S. on the threshold of adult life, suicide is the third leading cause of death. For every two murders there are three (...)

ZERZAN, John. "Interview"

"My tentative position is that only a rejection of symbolic culture provides a deep enough challenge to what stems from that culture. I may be (...)

ZERZAN, John. "Age of Grief"

"The falsity of postmodernism consists in its denial of loss, the refusal to mourn."

ZERZAN, John. "The Case against Art"

"we see the earliest evidence of symbolic division, as with the half-human, half-beast stone faces at El Juyo."

ZERZAN, John. "The Catastrophe of Postmodernism"

"Consumer narcissism and a cosmic "what’s the difference?" mark the end of philosophy as such and the etching of a (...)

ZERZAN, John. "Future Primitive

"Contemporary thought, in its postmodern incarnation, would like to rule out the reality of a divide between nature and culture; given the (...)

ZERZAN, John. "Number: Its Origin and Evolution"

"Number, like language, is always saying what it cannot say."

ZERZAN, John. "On the Transition: Postscript to Future Primitive"

" A qualitatively different life would entail abolishing exchange, in every form, in favor of the gift and the spirit of (...)

ZERZAN, John. "Running on Emptiness. The Failure of Symbolic Thought"

"If we do not ’come to our senses’ soon, we will have permanently forfeited the chance of constructing any meaningful alternatives to the (...)

ZERZAN, John. "Time And its Discontents"

The dimension of time seems to be attracting great notice, to judge from the number of recent movies that focus on it, such as Back to the (...)

ZERZAN, John. "Youth and Regression in an Infantile Society"

"Narcissistic disappointment, often termed "unrealistic," cannot accept the essentially "mediocre" nature of ordinary life (...)

JENSEN, Derrick. "Enemy of the State. Derrick Jensen interviews John Zerzan".

"Considering that our culture is the only one to ever invent napalm or nuclear weapons, I’m not sure we’re in much of a moral place to comment on (...)