Communication. Films documentaires


The Anarchist Guest. Emma Goldman

Canada, 2000, color and B&W, 41 minutes and 30 seconds, Toronto Romalis Productions. SCREENWRITERS: Coleman Romalis, Clarke Mackey, (...)

"Teruel ha caido"

contributor: christiebooks (c) peliculas de SIE FILMS (SINDICATO DE LA INDUSTRIA DEL ESPECTÁCULO) Documental Guión: Comentario: Les Director (...)

Granado y Delgado, un crimen legal

Lala Gomá, Xavier Montanyà, 1996, Espagne, 54’ CIRA, Lausanne

Durruti en la Revolución española

España. 55 mn. Realizacion Paco Rios CIRA, Lausanne

Red Years Black Years. The Spanish Civil War. Prologue

a 10-minute prologue to a proposed 6 part documentary on the background to the Spanish Revolution and Civil War and the role of the anarchists (...)


CANNES, FRANCE - Aaron Russo’s incendiary political documentary which exposes many of the governmental organizations and entities that have (...)

Anarchist films - features and documentaries

A number of anarchist movies can be viewed on the ChristieBooks website Some are in their original language with English (...)

Nestor Makhno. La Rivoluzione anarchica in Ucraina

Film di Hélène Chatelain

Reportaje del movimiento revolucionario en Barcelona 19 de julio de 1936

España, 1936 Dir. Mateo Santos 19’ Productora: Oficina de Información y Propaganda de la CNT-FAI Director: Mateo Santos Ayte. de (...)

Benno, The Fiction Memoir of a Painter, France : A Surrealist Guide to Being. By Phyllis Nemhauser

2003 English Visual Material : Videorecording : Partial animation : VHS tape Book Archival Material 1 videocassette (ca. 20 min.) : sd., (...)

An Anarchist’s Story

Film 1 16" 59 (English) BBC Scotland Pelicula Films Ltd., 2006 Prod. & Directed by Mark Littlewod Produced and Researched by Alison (...)