PRICHARD, Alex. "David Held is an Anarchist. Discuss"

Abstract David Held’s international political theory is an echo of many of many of the core ideas at the heart of the anarchist tradition. These (...)

PRICHARD, Alex. "More than mayhem"

Times Higher Education 24 September 2009

PRICHARD, Alex. Introduction: Anarchism and World Politics

Despite the re-emergence of anarchism as a political movement with a corresponding outpouring of academic and movement literature, despite IR (...)

PRICHARD, Alex. Conference Report

The above conference was convened by Alex Prichard and hosted by the International Politics Research Group in the Department of Politics, (...)

Une interview d’Alex Prichard

Dr Alex Prichard PhD (Loughborough University) N.B.- Lors d’un colloque de haut niveau tenu en Estonie, après le dîner du soir, les participants (...)