Seattle (WA, USA)


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Ph. D., 2000. 413 p. University of Washington, Advisor: Edgar Winans DAI-A 61/03, p. 1050, Sep 2000 An ethnography of a dissident youth (...)

Ecomedia, Seattle (WA), U.S.A.

Serial Publication : Periodical v. : ill. ; 22 cm. (1989?) Preceding title: Ekomedia bulletin-Toronto

KUHN, Gabriel. "Neuer Anarchismus" in den USA. Seattle und die Folgen

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ANDERSON, Colin M. "Les Industrial Workers of the World dans la grève générale de Seattle"

Texte en anglais trouvé sur le site anar britannique ( ), dans sa rubrique « History », sous le titre « The (...)

1919 The Industrial Workers of the World in the Seattle General Strike

An attempt to find out the IWW’s actual involvement in the Seattle General Strike of 1919, which has been hampered by myths caused by the (...)

Introductory Statement

The Seattle Group is very small — not because we’re elitists (far from it!) but because the function we have set for ourselves can best be done by (...)

Seattle Bulletin # 1

The Seattle Group is a little aggregation of old and new leftists of various generally independent tendencies, held loosely together only by (...)

Seattle Bulletin # 3

The basic and essentially contradictory streams of social evolution (technological and humanist) grow out of the two great biological (...)

Seattle Bulletin # 4

Libertarian Socialism, or if you please, anarcho-socialism, makes as its point of departure from orthodox socialism, its criticism of orthodox (...)