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Ursula K Le Guin on Anarchism, Writing

Contributed by: strangers As part of my investigation of the intersection of anarchism and fiction, I conducted an interview with Ursula K (...)

CARLSSON, Chris. After the Deluge

Full Enjoyment Books, 2004. 288 p. # ISBN-10: 0926664077 # ISBN-13: 978-0926664074 "A teenage arsonist threatens a partially submerged mid-22nd (...)

VAN VOGT, E. A. The Anarchistic Colossus

New York, Ace 02255-3, Apr 1977; London, Sidgwick & Jackson, Aug 1978. 248 p. ; 18 cm. This science fiction has no relation to the (...)

CALL, Lewis. “Buffy the Postanarchist Vampire Slayer.”

In Postanarchism: A Reader (Duane Rousselle & Süreyyya Evren, Eds.). London: Pluto Press, 2011.

CALL, Lewis. “Structures of Desire: Postanarchist Kink in the Speculative Fiction of Octavia Butler and Samuel Delany.”

In Anarchism and Sexuality: Ethics, Relationships and Power (Jamie Heckert & Richard Cleminson, Eds.). New York: Routledge, (...)

MOORCOCK, Michaël John.- Breakfast in the ruins

The new divine tragedy of Karl Glogauer-surrogate Christ of the Nebula-winning novel ’Behold the man’-begins in the unlikely locale of Derry and (...)

MOORCOCK, Michaël John.- The Cornelius chronicles

The Cornelius Chronicles / The Cornelius Quartet is a tetralogy consisting of: The Final Programme A Cure for Cancer The English Assassin ( The (...)

MOORCOCK, Michaël John.- Byzantium Endures

London : Fontana, 1982, c1981 (1985 [printing]). 404p. : 1map ; 20cm. Features Nestor Makhno as one of its characters.

MOORCOCK, Michaël John.- The dancers at the end of time

Trilogy (3 volumes)): 1. An Alien Heat 2. The Hollow Lands 3. The End of All Songs London: MacGibbon and Kee, 1972- (...)

MOORCOCK, Michaël John.- The Adventures of Una Persson and Catherine Cornelius in the Twentieth Century : a romance

London : Quartet Books, 1976. [7], 216p. ; 23cm.

MOORCOCK, Michaël John.- The Black Corridor.

London: Mayflower Books, 1969. 126 pp. 18 cm. "against the disintegration of British society, a businessman escapes into space; he is, however, (...)

MOORCOCK, Michaël John.- The Entropy Tango : A Comic Romance

pictures by Romain Slocombe ; lyrics by Michael Moorcock. London : New English Library, 1981. 153 p. : ill. ; 23cm. "Makhno, following the (...)