Illustration Diane Bianca Bonfils



Fifth Estate

Issue Theme: Anarchist Fiction In a 1905 letter from prison, Alexander Berkman wrote: “None of us are ready for anarchy, though many are for (...)

Arena No. 2 – Anarchists in Fiction

ARENA 2 – Anarchists in Fiction 142 pp .(230mm x 153mm), ISBN-13:9781873976-42-5. Read & Noir/ChristieBooks The second issue of Arena (...)

Duncan, Martha Grace. "Spanish Anarchism Refracted: Theme and Image in the Millenarian and Revisionist Literature"

Journal of Contemporary History vol. 23 (Jul., 1988) 3:323-346

BRETON, André. "The Lighthouse"

"It was in the black mirror of anarchism that surrealism first recognized itself..." In this late retrospective text, Breton admits that (...)