Fifth Estate

Issue Theme: Anarchist Fiction In a 1905 letter from prison, Alexander Berkman wrote: “None of us are ready for anarchy, though many are for (...)

BRETON, André. "The Lighthouse"

"It was in the black mirror of anarchism that surrealism first recognized itself..." In this late retrospective text, Breton admits that (...)

Arena No. 2 – Anarchists in Fiction

ARENA 2 – Anarchists in Fiction 142 pp .(230mm x 153mm), ISBN-13:9781873976-42-5. Read & Noir/ChristieBooks The second issue of Arena looks at (...)

Duncan, Martha Grace. "Spanish Anarchism Refracted: Theme and Image in the Millenarian and Revisionist Literature"

Journal of Contemporary History vol. 23 (Jul., 1988) 3:323-346