Peace and Antiwar Movements

Ill.: Diane Bianca Bonfils

"There is only one way for a young man to get on in the army. He must try and get killed in every way he possibly can!"

Gilbert and Sullivan in "The Pirates of Penzance". An allusion to the celebrated military reformer, Sir Garnet Wolseley.


Conscientious Objectors

" I will not kiss your fucking flag " e.e. cummings


FEELEY, Francis. "French Primary School Teachers against Militarism, 1903-1918: the making of a political culture"

in The International Review of Phi Alpha Theta, The Historian, Tempe, AZ, Arizona State University, Vol. 57, 1994 pages (...)

Faslane Peace Camp, Scotland

A collective living near a base of nuclear submarines for over twenty years...

OSTERGAARD, Geoffrey (1926 -1990) Resisting the Nation State : The Pacifist and Anarchist Traditions (Bibliography)

London : Peace Pledge Union, Rev. ed. 1991. 38 p. : p., 1 ill. ISBN: 0902680358 (pbk) "Resisting the Nation State questions the assumption that (...)

No Way to Peace - Peace Is the Way

This article appeared in Social Anarchism, A journal of theory and practice # 35 Winter 2002-2003

CLARK, John.- 2003 Feb. 15 New Orleans Anti-War Rally

Comments at Feb. 15 Anti-War Rally, Jackson Square, New Orleans, LA. by John P. Clark I come here to represent the Green Alliance , which is (...)