Life and Society


Alternative Social Movements

Demonstrations - Intentional Communities - Meetings - Peace and Antiwar Movements

City life

Includes urban geography, urbanism, community planning.


Dancing has always been the custom in socialist and anarchist circles. Picnics and celebrations, for instance of the anniversary of the Paris (...)

Gender and Sexuality: Views, Traditions and Experiences

Free Love, Gender relations, sexuality and birth control viewed and practiced by anarchists.


Deals with Wilhelm Reich, Alex Comfort, Radical Freudians, Joel Kovel...


HECKERT, Jamie.- Maintaining the Borders: Identity & Politics.

Identity is the process of creating and maintaining borders, creating different kinds of people. This keeps the world packaged in tidy little (...)

RICHARDSON, Joanne (ed.). Anarchitexts : Voices from the Global Digital Resistance

Autonomedia, 2002. 384 p. ISBN 1-57027-146-1 « Anarchitexts brings together a global mix of voices from the new “underground” : engaged artists (...)

LOIZIDOU, Elena. " ’No Gods No Masters’: Anarchism and the other art of life"

Conference Papers — Law & Society; 2007 Annual Meeting "Drawing from the work and life of Emma Goldman (and more generally late 19th to (...)