GOOD, Timothy Alan. "Living With Utopia: An Ethnographic Investigation of the Anarchisms of the Living Theatre, 1994-1998"

art: theaterMALINA, Judith (1926-....)BECK, Juliansocial struggles (social movement)* bibliographie

Ph.D. The University of Wisconsin - Madison, 1998. 267 p. Supervisor SALLY BANES
DAI, 60, no. 05A (1998): p. 1398

The author examines the anarchist beliefs and practices of the Living Theatre, founded by Judith Malina and Julian Beck in 1947, and continued by Malina after Beck’s death in 1985. His central question is "Can theatre cause social change?" To answer the question, he worked with the company on two plays. His conclusion is negative, but he thinks that " that theatre can be a catalyst for social change where such possibilities already exist".