WALL, Alan. China : a novel

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New York : St. Martin’s Press, 2003

One of the secondary characters is an anarchist involved in the anti-globalization movement.

From the jacket: "Digby Walton was once the heir to an English pottery company. Now in old age, he contemplates the history of that company as he reflects upon the modern world. His own heir, his son Theo, would rather ignore history completely and lose himself in smoky jazz clubs with his trumpet. Theo wants to live entirely inside the perfection of music, but will reality let him? Meanwhile, Digby’s next-door neighbor, Daisy Gresham, famed as one of the great film beauties of her day, seeks her own elusive son, who is perilously engaged in an international anarchist movement."

The anarchist character forms one of the subplots wherein his mother tries to understand what he is doing/is worried about what he is up to. He’s portrayed fairly sympathetically and though there is some speculation that he is getting involved in dangerous things, at the end it turns out not to have been the case. Spoiler: It turns out that, aided by his father (his mom and dad are divorced) he has assembled a book of photographs about the antiglobalization movement in conjunction with the launch of a website which, apart from offering anarchist politics and books, also offers to arrange travel to demos for radicals—an anarchist travel agency.
John George