ASHBOLT, Anthony. "Love and Hate in European Eyes: Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman on America"

United States (USA)GOLDMAN, Emma (1869-1940)BERKMAN, Alexander (1870-1936)* bibliographie

Australasian Journal of American Studies 2003 22(1): 1-14 .

Discusses the ambivalence with which political activists Emma Goldman and Alexander Berkman viewed America. They admired the possibilities afforded by liberty but disdained the horrors of capitalism. Both immigrated to the United States from Russia as teenagers in the 1880’s and later became leaders of the American anarchist movement. After their deportations in 1919, Goldman and Berkman expressed a distaste for America, but while Berkman remained hostile toward the United States, Goldman’s views shifted after witnessing the results of the Russian Revolution. By the early 1930’s, Goldman began a campaign to reenter America, which she did during a 1934 lecture tour.