Bio-bibliography of Gabriel Kuhn

KUHN, Gabriel

Gabriel Kuhn was born in Austria but soon began moving around with his artist parents. He grew up in various countries, including Turkey, Italy, England and the US, but returned to Austria for most of his formal education and a four-year semi-professional soccer career. In 1996 he received a Ph.D. in philosophy from the University of Innsbruck.

The following ten years he spent hitchhiking and couchsurfing around five continents.

Following post-secondary studies in Austria and the USA, Kuhn lived in the Middle East and the South Pacific Islands.He moved to Sweden in 2006.

Active in radical politics since the late 1980s, publishing projects have always been a focus. In the early 1990s, Kuhn worked with the Austrian autonomist journal TATblatt and the Vienna anarchist publisher Monte Verita, before turning his attention to DIY zine publishing. Alpine Anarchist Productions was founded in 2000, and distributes numerous pamphlets, many authored by him under different pseudonyms. The Anarchist Football (Soccer) Manual became the series’ most popular work.

Since 2005 Gabriel Kuhn has been working closely with radical German publisher Unrast Verlag:

- 2005. Tier-Werden, Schwarz-Werden, Frau-Werden. Eine Einführung in die politische Philosophie des Poststrukturalismus has become a standard left-wing introduction to poststructuralism.

- 2008. Neuer Anarchismus’ in den USA. Seattle und die Folgen, with translations from David Graeber and the CrimethInc. Collective to John Zerzan and Ward Churchill. Named "Book of the Year 2008" by Berlin’s Library of the Free.

- 2009. Tötet den Bullen in eurem Kopf! Zur US-amerikanischen Linken, White Supremacy und Black Autonomy Translation in German of texts by Greg Jackson and the Black Autonomy newspaper project.

Gabriel Kuhn also contributes regularly to the Swedish anarchist journal Brand.

In 2010, he was forced to cancel a three-month speaking tour of the USA after being denied authorization to travel by US authorities, who informed him that he had been placed on the "No Fly List."