Anarchists and their historians; philosophers and other interesting people. But also quite a few rats.

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GUÉRIN, Daniel (1904-1988) GUILLAUME-SCHACK, Gertrud (1845-1903) HALL, W. K. (William Knight) (1895- no later than 1912) online : (...)

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See also LANE, Joseph, 1851-1920 LEGGATT, Edward (Ted) -1872-1935 LEHNING, Arthur

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See also: MARSH, Alfred (1858-1914); Archives at the International Institute of Social History

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See also : Trunk, Johann Sebastian, 1850-1933 Wess, Woolf, 1861-1946


Quincy B. THORN: Evoking Spirit

from Fifth Estate # 404, Summer, 2019, accessed October 5, 2019 at

David PORTER: Writing on Fire

from Fifth Estate # 375, Spring 2007, accessed September 16, 2019 at

a review of Jumping the Line: The Adventures...

a review of Jumping the Line: The Adventures and Misadventures of an American Radical by William Herrick, Introduction by Paul Berman. Oakland (...)

GUÉRIN, Daniel. Anarchism from Theory to Practice

You can read various editions of the book on the Internet : The Anarchist Library Libcom Includes an introduction by Noam (...)

MEYER, Karl.- "A Conversation between Karl Meyer and Voices Co-coordinators about World Affairs"

Founder of the Nashville Greenlands Catholic Worker community in Nashville, Tennessee "The real threats to security of the United States and (...)

ANTLIFF, Allan. Additional bibliography

“We are all Anarchists” and “Anarchy at Documenta,” Luis Jacob: Towards a Theory of Impressionist and Expressionist Spectatorship Köln: Verlag der (...)

MacQUEEN, William [Billy]. (Born London 14 Jan. 1875 - died 1908)

Printed : "Free Commune and Billy MacQueen," KSL. Bulletin of the Kate Sharpley Library (July 2012) # 70-71 pp. 1-2. On the Internet : (...)

GHEORGHIU, Stefan 1879-1914

On the 19th of March 1914, at the Filaret hospital in Bucharest, the writer and revolutionary unionist Stefan Gheorgiu died at the age of 35. (...)

REIMERS, Otto, 1902-1984

Born Grambek, Germany 1902. Died Laufenburg, Germany 1984 Biography of German anarchist Otto Reimers, an engineering worker who tirelessly (...)

HUPPERTZ, Willy (1904-1978)

Wilhelm Huppertz was born in 1904 in the Ruhr. He worked as a fitter. He moved from being a Christian socialist to a position of atheism. In the (...)

JELINEK, Wilhelm ’Willi’, 1889-1952

Biographical information about Willi Jelinek, and information about the anarchist movement in post-war East Germany under Russian occupation. The (...)

JACKSON, William Henry ["Honoré JACKSON" or "JAXON" (May 13, 1861 – January 10, 1952)

Anarchist, was all his life engaged in the defense of the Canadian Metis. In 1884-1885 became secretary to Louis Riel. Participated in Chicago in (...)