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PARSONS, Lucy (Texas, 1853 ? - 1942) [en]

PEIRATS I VALLS, Joseph. (Vall de Uxó, Castellón, 15 March 1908 – Burriana, 20 August 1989)

PERLMAN, Fredy (Brno, Czechoslovakia, August 20, 1934 - Detroit, Michigan, July 26, 1985)

Fredy Perlman (1934-1985) was an American author, publisher, professor and activist. His thoughts influenced modern anarchism, and especially (...)

PORTER, David Lewis

Our comrade and friend David Lewis Porter died on December 29, 2018. He will be remembered for many reasons and in many countries, as a writer, (...)

PORTIS, Larry Lee (born July 3, 1943 in Bremerton, Washington, USA – passed away on June 4, 2011 in Soudorgues, Gard, France )

Historian, university professor and anarchist activist. His works have been published in several countries, but mostly in France where he lived (...)

POUGET, Emile (Pont-de-Salars [Aveyron, France] 12 October 1860 - Lozère [Palaiseau, Seine-et-Oise, France] 21 July 1931)

PROUDHON, Pierre-Joseph (born 1809 - died 1865)

READ, Herbert Edward (born December 4, 1893 - died June 12, 1968)

RECLUS, Élisée (1830-1905). Geographer

All documents related to Elisée Reclus are now on the Elisée Reclus website

REXROTH, Kenneth (born South Bend, Indiana December 22, 1905 – died Santa Barbara, California June 6, 1982)

"As the full moon rises The swan sings in sleep On the lake of the mind." Kenneth REXROTH

ROCKER, Milly Witkop (Born March 1st, 1877 - died Nov. 23rd, 1955

SACCO, Nicola and VANZETTI, Bartolomeo

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SERGE, Victor (Brussels, 1890-Mexico, 1947)

SIN CH’AEHO [Sin Chae-ho, Shin Ch’aeho, Tanjae] (1880-1936)

STIRNER, Max (1806-1856)

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STOÏNOV [Stoinof], Nicolas (Choumen, Bulgarie 19 décembre 1862 - Paris, 4 février 1963)

Ecrivain, journaliste, enseignant. Anarcho-syndicaliste et antimilitariste, il est l’un des fondateurs du mouvement anarchiste en (...)