ALVES DE SEIXAS, Jacy. "Anarchism, Revolutionary Syndicalism and Political Participation in Brazil : Myth and History "

Brazilsocialismdirect actionunionism: revolutionary syndicalismworking class movementBrazil.- History of anarchism* bibliographieALVES DE SEIXAS, Jacy

Thèse de doctorat (nouveau doctorat) : histoire. Dir. Robert Paris. Paris, EHESS : 1989. [s.l.] : [s.n.]
Bibl. Cujas; PARIS-SORBONNE -BIU centrale
This thesis is about the Brazilian labor mouvement, from 1890 to 1930. from the analysis of the formation of the working classes in S. Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, in the turning of the century, one has examined what has been their greatest and most significant historical experience : that of being different.
Anarchism and socialisms were then forced, in one way or the other, in their practices and speech, to take into consideration the diversity of the working classes and to bring an answer to the problematic of the search for an identity, set by the working classes and by the labor mouvement. This analysis constitutes, in general, the first part of this thesis, which is entitled "Anarchism and Socialism: A Genealogy, 1890-1903".
The second part - "Labor Movement and Anarchism : The Labor Strategy of Direct Action" - deals with the origin of revolutionary syndicalism and the relations (of power) among the political currents which have founded and formed the labor movement as a labor strategy of direct action.
The third part - "Rupture and Forgetfulness: the Stake of the 20s"- has as a goal to understand the mouvement of changes and of rupture which has characterized the Brazilian labor mouvement in the 20s.
Finally, labor memory, as creation and forgetfulness, is the subject of the meditations that make the conclusion of this research work.