MANFREDONIA, Gaetano. "Studies on the Anarchist Movement in France (1848-1914)"

MANFREDONIA, Gaetano (1957-....)art: songPolitics. RepublicanismFrance.- 3rd Republic (1871-1940)France. 19th CenturyFrance.- 2nd Republic (1848-1852)France.- Second Empire (1852-1870)* bibliographie

Thèse de doctorat (Nouveau Doctorat) : Histoire, dir. Raoul Girardet. Institut d’Etudes Politiques Paris : 1990. [s.l.] : [s.n.]
PARIS-Fondation Sci.Politiques
The work which is presented is constitued of three parts : A Ph. D dissertation already presented at the Institut d’études politiques of Paris in 1984 on Anarchist Individualism in France (1880-1914); Two other complementary researches on the Anarchist Songs in France from the Commune to Ravachol (1870-1894) and the pros and cons of the anarchists about the French Republic and the republican tradition (1848-1914).
The anarchist movement took its largest development during the period beginning in the Paris Commune and the First World War, adopting a specific behavior and specific ideological themes which differentiated it from other socialist groups. But few studies have been made concerning the internal dynamics of the movement, its internal conflicts and structuration. Our object is not only to fill in the gaps of the documentation collected by Jean Maitron but also to subsume the narrative approach of the libertarian movement which minimizes the stakes of its internal debates.
The history of this movement has been conflictual and has little to do with the so called "eternal principles" of Anarchism. On many points the traditional image of the anarchists must be considerably reconsidered.