Black Bloc


Report from Black Block action Friday 20/7

J21 Genoa j2 l IRC channel j21 on Il network degli imc’s: During the past two days, the (...)

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Peace Review, 2003, 15, 3, Sept, 317-322 Compares the intellectual response to the ungovernable protests attributed to the Black Bloc (...)

Les Black Blocs, La liberté et l’égalité se manifestent, de Francis DUPUIS-DÉRI

Lyon : Atelier de Création Libertaire, 2005. 128 p. ISBN : 2-905691-96-4 "Les Black Blocs qui participent régulièrement aux manifestations (...)

Genova 2001. Black Blocs. Communicato di Davide FERRARIO

I FATTI DI GENOVA 20/21 LUGLIO 2001 di Davide Ferrario Comunicato che Davide Ferrario (regista di Le strade di Genova) ha consegnato ai (...)

Rivista anarchica: Communicato Stampa “G8: comunicato da alcune realtà anarchiche”

Jul. 27, 2001 In seguito agli avvenimenti genovesi degli ultimi giorni, noi militanti delle sottoelencate iniziative anarchiche nel ricordare (...)

La violence enterre-t-elle l’avenir ? Entretien avec Joëlle Aubron

Attentats contre les structures de l’OTAN, le FMI et la Banque mondiale, les banques, les magasins de luxes et les usines d’armement, assassinats (...)

Barricada: Revolutionary Leftist Publication of the Barricada Collective

"Barricada is a non-partisan, non-hierarchical collective within the radical leftist spectrum with the principle aim of producing & (...)

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Civic Media Center: #14, #15, #19, #20.

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Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (Boston) Civic Media Center: #1, #2 (Summer 2001), #3 (Fall/Winter 01), #4 (Spring/Summer 2002; (...)

WU MING. "Non criminalizziamo il Black Bloc!"

Please understand: we are not criminalizing the Black Bloc or accusing anarchists. What happened in Genoa has very little to do with the tactics (...)

BLACK, Mary. "Letter from Inside the Black Bloc"

I’m running as fast as my asthmatic lungs will allow in the midst of what can only be called a mob. My friend from back home and I hold hands so (...)