États-Unis. 19e siècle


An Injury to One

USA, 2002 B&W and color 16mm., 53’. Director: Travis Wilkerson Script: Travis Wilkerson Cinematography: Travis Wilkerson Music: (...)

AUSTIN, Kate, American journalist.- An Anarchist Witness of the Haymarket Drama

Kate Austin’s family settled at Hook’s Point, Iowa, when she was six years old. But she lost her mother when she was eleven and had to take care of (...)

"Assassins". Music and Lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, Book by John Weidman.

Based on an idea by Charles Gilbert, Jr. Playwrite Horizons, Inc., New York City produced ASSASSINS off-Broadway in 1990 "Assassins is about (...)

CLARK, John P. A Bibliography

Publications in English and other languages except French and Italian Français - Italiano 1972 "Creating a New School" in Innovative (...)

CREAGH, Ronald. Bibliographie (Sélection) des publications en français

(Les publications sont présentées en ordre chronologique inverse)

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