BROOKS, Frank Hans. “Anarchism, Revolution, and Labor in the Thought of Dyer D. Lum: ‘Events Are The True Schoolmasters,’"

TUCKER, Benjamin Ricketson, (1854-1939)Working class movementÉtats-Unis. 19e siècleLUM, Dyer Daniel (1839-1893). Organisateur anarchiste américain du mouvement ouvrierBibliography

Ph.D. Cornell University, 1988. 466 p.

DAI, VOL. 49-10A, Page 3139, 00466 Page

“Dyer Daniel Lum (1839-1893), an American labor activist and Anarchist… has been known primarily as a comrade of the collectivistic Haymarket anarchists and an advocate of revolutionary violence. He was also a follower of Benjamin Tucker’s individualistic economic views and an apologist for trade unions. …Merely determining how Lum’s views fit together does not capture their full significance. As a radical ideologue, Lum was not simply writing for fellow radicals or future historians; he was trying to explain, criticize, and resolve the many problems engendered by industrialization. Examining his views provides a lens through which to discover and clarify broader issues and changes in society.… Providing the historical context of Lum’s views compels a more historically grounded conception of American anarchism in the 1880s and 1890s. Anarchism is seen as one of many competing responses to the emerging problems of industrialization”.