Musique. Anarcho-Punk



Chumbawamba is a band mainly from the North of England. They started in the 1980s as anarcho-punk and think of themselves as "Punk. (...)

Citizen Fish

"If you’re singularly keen on country and/or western, jazz-funk fusion, thrash metal or industrial disco rave bagpipe symphonic blues covers, you (...)


"Crass by name, even worse by nature, like it or not, they just won’t go away. Crass are the distempered dog end of rock ’n roll’s once (...)

Sex Pistols

"We heard the word ’anarchist’ through punk rock. The Sex Pistols were described as anarchists and the way our parents and straight society hated (...)

Uit de Sloot

Dutch seventies-style anarcho-punk rock with Dutch lyrics

CLARK, Dylan Matthew. "Dancing on the ruins: Anarchy and subculture"

Ph. D., 2000. 413 p. University of Washington, Advisor: Edgar Winans DAI-A 61/03, p. 1050, Sep 2000 An ethnography of a dissident youth (...)

ADAMS, Jason. "Non-Western Anarchisms: Rethinking the Global Context". -5-

Previous: Asian Anarchism: China, Korea, Japan & India African Anarchisms: Igbo, Egypt, Lybia, Nigeria and South Africa Latin American (...)


"Un collectif rural basé à Essex, Angleterre, formé en I977, par un groupe d’individus divers et éclectiques qui ont opéré pendant plusieurs années en (...)