Music and Anarchism: A Black and Red Directory of Musical Genres

Illustration: Diane Bianca Bonfils

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Cabaret Voltaire, Zurich (Switzerland) 1917 Since the end of the 19th century, when artists, bohemians and anarchists shared many views about (...)


Evan Greer, folk/rock/punk artist


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Arena 3. Anarchism in Music

CONTENTS Introduction — Daniel O’Guérin ; 1 Daniel O’Guérin — What’s in (A) Song? An Introduction to Libertarian Music? ; 2 David Rovics — Busking (...)

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" Like language, tonality is historically characterized by its unfreedom. We are made tonal by society: only in the elimination of that society (...)

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"Anarchism" ? Did you say "anarchism"?

Music is an important part of contemporary youth culture and the 1980s revived an age-old tradition among anarchists. Indeed, there has often (...)

Anarchy in Milton Keynes

Everyone has their own definition of anarchism. One I find generally useful is the first three paragraphs of the article Peter Kropotkin was (...)