1936-1939 The Spanish War and Social Revolution

Sources - The Anarchist Militias - The Social Revolution International Reactions: – Spain and the British Anarchists (...)


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Those fourty pages remind us of the hundreds of thousands who fled Spain, their complex diversity, their remarkable resilience. The article (...)

TÉLLEZ SOLÀ, Antonio.- Anarchist International Action Against Francoism From Genoa 1949 to The First Of May Group

Kate Sharpley Library (Anarchist Sources series 13) 25 pages. ISBN 9781873605851 From the end of the Spanish Civil War, the anarchist movement (...)

Salvador Puig Antich and the MIL (Movimiento Ibérico de Liberación)

Contents – The MIL (Movimiento Iberico de Liberacion): a short introduction – Puig Antich and the MIL – Julien Dreux – Some thoughts thirty years (...)

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