Sam Dolgoff (1902-1990). Biography of an American Anarcho-Syndicalist author, active in the I. W. W. - Biography

IWW (Industrial Workers of the World)DOLGOFF, Sam (1902-1990. American anarcho-syndicalist authorLibertarian Book Club, New York

"Sam Dolgoff played an important role in the anarchist movement since the early 1920s. He was a member of the Chicago Free Society Group in that decade, and co-founded the New York Libertarian League in 1954. He also was active in the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW). " Source

"Sam Dolgoff , anarchist author and editor, was born Sholem Dolgopolsky in Byelorussia and emigrated with his family to the United States prior to World War I. He joined the Young Peoples Socialist League in 1917 and, as an anarchist, the Industrial Workers of the World in 1922. In 1925 he moved to Chicago where he joined the Free Society Group and later met his companion Esther Miller.

Returning to New York in the 1930s, he served on the editorial board of Spanish Revolution, and wrote for and helped edit several anarcho-syndicalist publications, often using the pseudonym Sam Weiner. After World War II, he became a leading figure in the Libertarian Book Club, documented the suppression of Cuban anarchists in the years following the 1959 Cuban revolution, and wrote or edited several books, including The Anarchist Collectives: Workers’ Self-Management in the Spanish Revolution, 1936-1939 (1974), Bakunin on Anarchy: Selected Works by the Activist-Founder of World Anarchism (1972), The Cuban Revolution: A Critical Perspective (1976), and Fragments: A Memoir (1986)".

(Text from Tamiment Library)