DOLGOFF, Sam (1902-1990. American anarcho-syndicalist author


The Free Voice of Labor: The Jewish Anarchists

USA, 1980. B&W and color, 60 mins. Pacific Street Film Collective. Cinematography by Judy Irola. Editing by Kristina Boden Music by (...)

Sam Dolgoff (1902-1990). Biography of an American Anarcho-Syndicalist author, active in the I. W. W. - Biography

"Sam Dolgoff played an important role in the anarchist movement since the early 1920s. He was a member of the Chicago Free Society Group in that (...)

DOLGOFF, Sam. A Bibliography

Biography Archives Private collection "Notes for a discussion on the Regeneration of the American Labor Movement" typescript. Edited by (...)

La guerra civil española de Hugh THOMAS

Madrid, 1977 Se sigue aquí la edición inglesa de 1976 A la pregunta de si merece la pena leer este libro, hay que responder desgraciadamente que (...)

CLARK, John P. A Bibliography

Publications in English and other languages except French and Italian Français - Italiano 1972 "Creating a New School" in Innovative Education (...)

BAKUNIN, Mihail Aleksandrovič (1814-1876).- Works

Bakunin on anarchism / edited, translated and with an introduction by Sam Dolgoff. Montreal : Black Rose Books, c1980. xiii, 453 p. : port. ; 22 (...)

Bibliografía de Mijail Bakunin

BAKOUNINE, Michel & BARRETT, Rafael. A la Conquista de la libertad / M. Bakunin. [suivi de] Pensamientos de / Rafael Barrett. Londres: Centro (...)

SOLOMON, Sidney (Pogost, Bekarus, Dec. 8, 1911-New York, 2004)

Excerpted from Anarchist Voices; an oral history of anarchism in America, by Paul Avrich (Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, (...)

FERNÁNDEZ, Frank. Cuba, the Anarchists & Liberty - 1 -

Sydney: Monty Miller Press, 1987. 1857-1970s:Cuba - The Anarchists and Liberty - Frank Fernandez A pamphlet written in 1987 by Frank Fernandez, (...)

Anarchist/Wobblie Sam Dolgoff Pacific Street Anarchist Film

The incomparable Sam Dolgoff: housepainter, anarchist/wobblie, public speaker and author; perhaps the last in the long line of self-educated (...)