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Private collection
"Notes for a discussion on the Regeneration of the American Labor Movement" typescript. Edited by Resurgence, Evanston Ill.
A different version from the one published in The American Labor Movement (below)
The collection is arranged alphabetically and contains unpublished and published writings by Dolgoff and other anarchists, including Mikhail Bakunin, Max Nettlau, and Rudolf Rocker;
conference papers on self-management;
and a thick file of published biographical sketches of anarchists and other radicals (half in French, half in Spanish).
Much of the material concerns anarchism in Spain during the Spanish Republic and Spanish Civil War, including Frank Mintz’ 1967 book-length unpublished thesis, "La Collectivisation en Espagne de 1936 a 1939," subsequently published in revised form as L’Autogestion dans l’Espagne Révolutionnaire (1970).
Wayne State University. Archives of Labor and Urban Affairs.
Pamphlets on anarchism, socialism and communism reflecting Mr. Dolgoff’s involvement with radical unionism and politics.


 Africa, Nationalism and the State This pamphlet was first published by the Anarchist Communist Federation of North America as the third number in its pamphlet series, circa 1982/3.

  • New edition by Zabalaza books (can be downloaded)
     The American Labor Movement : A New Beginning / Sam Dolgoff. Champaign, Ill. : Resurgence, 1980. 79 p.
  • Second revised edition, with financial support from the IWW Hungarian literature fund. Champaign, IL: Libertarian Labor Review, 1990. 64 p.

    CIRA, Lausanne

    • An electronic version, including some texts separately published (see below) can be found here. It includes:
      * Ethics and the Unions - Part 1
      * Ethics and the Unions - Part 2
      * The Labor Party Illusion
      * Revolutionary Tendencies in American Labor - Part 1
      * Revolutionary Tendencies in American Labor - Part 2
      * Notes for a Discussion on the Regeneration of the American Labor Movement
  • The American labor movement : A new beginning [texte imprimé] / Sam DOLGOFF ; INDUSTRIAL WORKERS OF THE WORLD . - Champaign, Ill (USA) : Libertarian Labor Review, 1990 . - 64 p. ; 22 cm.
     Sam Dolgoff ed., The Anarchist Collectives ; Workers’ Self-management in the Spanish Revolution, 1936-1939. Introductory essay by Murray Bookchin. [1st ed. New York] Free Life Editions [1974] 192 p.

    CIRA, Lausanne

     Bakunin on Anarchy; selected works by the activist-founder of world anarchism. Edited, translated and with an introd. by Sam Dolgoff. Pref. by Paul Avrich. [1st ed.] New York, A. A. Knopf, 1972. 405 p.
    On the web : - Bakunin on Anarchy, Edited, Translated and with an Introduction by Sam Dolgoff. Vintage Books, 1971.
     Beware, Anarchist! : A Life for Freedom : an autobiography / Augustin Souchy ; translated & intoduced by Theo Waldinger ; edited by Sam Dolgoff & Richard Ellington ; with an afterword by Sam Dolgoff. Chicago : Charles H. Kerr Pub. Co., 1992. 247 p.
     A Critique of Marxism. Soil of Liberty, Minneapolis, 1983.

    CIRA, Lausanne

    On the web

 The Cuban Revolution : A Critical perspective / by Sam Dolgoff. Montreal Black Rose Books, c 1976. 199 p.

CIRA, Lausanne

On the web
 Ethics and American unionism; and the path ahead for the working class by Sam Weiner [pseud.]. New York: The Libertarian League, 1958. 24 p.

CIRA, Lausanne

 Fragments : A Memoir / by Sam Dolgoff. Cambridge [Cambridgeshire] : Refract Publications, 1986. 200 p.

CIRA, Lausanne

 The Labor Party Illusion. New York : Libertarian League, 1961. 1 v. Sam Weiner is a pseudonym of Sam Dolgoff.
On the Web
 "The Relevance of Anarchism to Modern Society", Libertarian Analysis vol. I 1970) n. 4

  • "The Relevance of Anarchism to Modern Society" Soil of Liberty. POB 7056
    Powderhorn Station. Minnepolis, MN 55407. First Printing - August 1977; Second Printing - September 1979 The Relevance of Anarchism to Modern Society / Sam Dolgoff. 21 p.

    CIRA, Lausanne

  • 3rd rev. ed. Chicago : C.H. Kerr Pub. Co., 1989. 35 p.
    CIRA, Lausanne
     Third world nationalism and the State. Regina, Sask.: Anarchist Communist Federation of North America, [1977?]. 20 p, illus..

    CIRA, Lausanne

     Notes for a discussion on the regeneration of the American labor movement [texte imprimé] / Sam DOLGOFF . - Evanston, ILL (USA) : Resurgence, 1975 ca . - 7p. ; 28 cm.

    CIRA, Lausanne; Tamiment Library, New York

    "Modern Technology and Anarchism", Libertarian Labor Review # 1, Summer 1986 p. 7-12.
    On the web
    "The Spanish Revolution: 50th Anniversary", Libertarian Labor Review #2, Winter 1987
    "Evolution of Anarcho-Syndicalism" Libertarian Labor Review #3, Summer 1987
    "Labor in Crisis", Libertarian Labor Review #4, Winter 1988
    "Lenin & Gorbachev" Libertarian Labor Review #5, Summer 1988
    "Business Unionism and the Suicidal Decline of the Unions" Libertarian Labor Review #5, Summer 1988
    "The Role of Marxism in the International Labor Movement" Libertarian Labor Review #5, Summer 1988
    "Revolutionary Unionism in Brazil", Sam Dolgoff/Le Combat Syndicaliste Libertarian Labor Review # 6, Winter 1989
    " ’Third World’ Nationalism", Libertarian Labor Review #7, Summer 1989
    "The Cuban Revolution: Thirty Years Later" Libertarian Labor Review # 7, Summer 1989
    "Anarcho-Syndicalist Tendencies in Russian Labor", Libertarian Labor Review #8, Winter 1990
    "The Revolutionary Revival in Eastern Europe", Libertarian Labor Review #9, Summer 1990


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    Pacific Street Anarchist Film Archive