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Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media

1st Part 2nd Part Canada, 1994. Color and B&W, 170 mins. National Board of Canada. The story goes more or less like this: The New (...)

CAFARD, Max. "The Article that Deserves to Die! "

(A Few Comments on a New York Times Article on Anarchism)" RE: Anarchism’s most memorable slogan, coined by Enrico Malatesta of Italy, is (...)

HOLMES, Curtis D. "The prospects of information technology for a feasible, functioning anarcho-syndicalist democracy"

Dissertation: Thesis (M.A.) Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree, Master of Arts, Department of Political Science. (...)

DONOVAN, Christine. "The Literary and Visual Portrayal of Anarchists in the Media 1880-1910"

Master of Arts, University of Reading, 1987

Forget CNN and go for Televangelism

There is a defining moment in the life of every news organisation that marks a coming of age. In the case of CNN it was the opening bombardment (...)

France : Paris.- Librairie Publico

145, rue Amelot 75011 Paris Téléphone : (33) 01-48-05-34-08 Mèl Vente en ligneSi vous êtes francophone, votre chemin passera par ce rond-point (...)

ATTON, Chris. "Reshaping Social Movement Media for a New Millennium"

Social Movement Studies, , 2, 1, (Apr, 3-15 2003) Indymedia, the Internet-based network of Independent Media Centres (IMCs) that has rapidly (...)

ATTON, Chris. "Anarchy on the Internet: Obstacles and Opportunities for Alternative Electronic Publishing"

Anarchist Studies 4( (October 1996) 2: 115-132.

ATTON, Chris. "‘Green Anarchist: A Case Study in Radical Media"

Anarchist Studies 7 (March 1999) 1: 25-49.


L’émission « Chronique Hebdo » sur Radio libertaire recevait Pierre Bourdieu le 1er mars 2001 pour dialoguer autour de son dernier ouvrage, (...)

BOURDIEU, Pierre.- A Cardinal visits the Anarchists : Pierre Bourdieu on Radio Libertaire :

Interview conducted by Archibald Zurvan transl. by Sharif Gemie French version from Monde libertaire n° 1240 (12 avril 2001) The (...)