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CREAGH, Ronald. Bibliographie (Sélection) des publications en français

(Les publications sont présentées en ordre chronologique inverse)

ZOLLA, Eric.- "Aspects socio-politiques de l’Internet. Un cas particulier : l’observation de la présence du mouvement anarchiste francophone sur l’Internet."

Mémoire de D.E.A de Sociologie soutenu en novembre 1998 à l’Université d’Evry Val d’Essonne, sous la direction de M. Guy (...)

BARLOW, John Perry. "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace "

Governments of the Industrial World, you weary giants of flesh and steel, I come from Cyberspace, the new home of Mind. On behalf of the future, (...)

OWENS, Lynnand L. Kendall PALMER, "Making the News: Anarchist Counter-Public Relations on the World Wide Web"

Critical Studies in Media Communication, Volume 20, Number 4 / December 2003, Pages: 335 - 361 Traditionally, radical social movements faced a (...)

KEMP, Will. The Anarchist Computer Network - A Year Later

The Anarchist Computer Network - A Year Later -by Will Kemp A year ago, i wrote an article called "A Proposal To Set Up An Anarchist (...)

ATTON, Chris. "Reshaping Social Movement Media for a New Millennium"

Social Movement Studies, , 2, 1, (Apr, 3-15 2003) Indymedia, the Internet-based network of Independent Media Centres (IMCs) that has rapidly (...)

ATTON, Chris. "Anarchy on the Internet: Obstacles and Opportunities for Alternative Electronic Publishing"

Anarchist Studies 4( (October 1996) 2: 115-132.

DAVRANCHE, Guillaume. « Médias alternatifs : Les mots sont importants »

Cet article est paru dans le mensuel Alternative libertaire de janvier 2004. Publier tout et son contraire, est-ce faire de l’« information (...)

TRUSCELLO, Michael. "The Architecture of Information: Open Source Software and Tactical Poststructuralist Anarchism"

Postmodern Culture (May 2003) Volume 13, Number 3. Introduction The traces of power in the network society are equally located in the (...)

WILSON, Peter Lamborn.- "Net-religion, a War in Heaven"

I don’t even own a computer. Is there anybody else in here who doesn’t own a computer? It’s interesting to watch the net and to approach media (...)

IPPOLITA. OPEN NON È FREE Comunità digitali tra etica hacker e mercato globale

Milano : Elèuthera editrice, 2014. 128 p. EAN 9788889490044. Gli hackers fanno molto e dicono poco. Ma, nell’era della tecnocultura, hanno molto (...)