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Musica e anarchismo

Umanità nova, n° 7 (22 febbraio 1981) Quanto detto per la pittura vale anche per l’arte in genere e si applica quindi alla musica. Anzi, l’arte dei (...)

FERRUA, Pietro.- John Cage, anarchico "schedato".

Per quanto possa sembrare incredibile che un "innocente" compositore di musica. mondialmente noto, abbia avuto a che fare con la polizia, ciò è (...)

Anarchy in Milton Keynes

Everyone has their own definition of anarchism. One I find generally useful is the first three paragraphs of the article Peter Kropotkin was (...)

FERRÉ, Léo. Rendez-vous avec l’anarchie

"Divine Anarchie, adorable Anarchie, tu n’es pas un système, un parti, une référence, mais un état d’âme. Tu es la seule invention de l’homme, et sa (...)

Citizen Fish

"If you’re singularly keen on country and/or western, jazz-funk fusion, thrash metal or industrial disco rave bagpipe symphonic blues covers, you (...)

Utah Phillips

U. Utah Phillips trains, tramps & tradition folk songs, blues, rant songs

Spanish Songs of Struggle

– A las Barricadas was sung by the Spanish anarchists – Hijos del Pueblo/Sons of the People Translation by Patrick Dunn: 1. Son of the (...)

Marc Blitzstein, "Sacco and Vanzetti" three-act opera.

Blitzstein (1905-1964), "the father of American opera" started writing it for the Metropolitan Opera in 1959 and Leonard Lehrman began work on it (...)

Anton Coppola, "Sacco and Vanzetti", opera. The Libretto

Anton Coppola is both composer and librettist for Sacco & Vanzetti. The first aspect of this work that strikes the listener is the language. (...)

"Red Emma". An Opera by Gary Kulesha

Composer: Gary Kulesha Libretto: Carol Bolt Description: Two acts Premiered: November 28, 1995, Canadian Opera Company, du Maurier Theatre, (...)

"Belladonna". An Opera. Music by Bernard Rand; Libretto by Leslie Dunton-Downer

Description: Two acts Premiere: Aspen Opera Theater Center Publisher: European American Music Distributors Musical Forces: Flute, oboe, (...)

"E.G.: A Musical Portrait of Emma Goldman" (Op. 78) by Leonard J. Lehrman

There are two versions : E.G.: A Musical Portrait of Emma Goldman (1987) op.78 for female singer and singing pianist (2 acts, 90 min.); Emma (...)