Philosophie. Taoisme


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The Dao of Capitalism

Lao Zi was the mythic “Old Sage” of ancient China. We’re not sure whether he actually existed but we do know that he founded Daoist philosophy. His (...)

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Previous: Presentation 1. The Social and the Ecological 2. A Dialectical Holism No Nature So much for the truth of the whole. However, a (...)

L’imaginaire collectif : sa nature et son importance

Plan 1. L’imaginaire collectif : nature et importance 2 Les terrains de l’imaginaire 3 L’imaginaire prophétique 4 La "région" comme métaphore (...)

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Previous Introduction Asian Anarchism: China, Korea, Japan & India In order to begin to challenge the predominant Eurocentric understanding (...)

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The Tao Te Ching is one of the more mysterious documents in the history of religion. Nothing is known of its author, called Lao Tzu or Old (...)

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The Laozi (formerly, Lao Tzu) is one of the great anarchist classics. No significant philosophical work of either East or West has been more (...)

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