de CLEYRE, Voltairine (born 17 November 1866, Leslie, Michigan - died 6 June 1912, Chicago, Illinois)



de CLEYRE, Voltairine “Francisco Ferrer”

Printed in The Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre pp. 297-320. You may read the text on the Online Philosophy (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine "The Paris Commune "

Published in The Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre pp.243-252. You may also listen to this talk, read by Carl Manchester at the LibriVox (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine “The 11th of November”

Memorial Oration delivered on November 11, in Chicago. Published in Selected Works of Voltairine de Cleyre pp. 164-172. You may listen to this (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine “Anarchism in Literature”

MS.(unknown hand); [n.p.,n.d.] 15s.(15p.) Ishill Collection, Harvard Essay from Selected Works by Voltairine de Cleyre, pp. 436-154. You (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine “Anarchism”

Free Society, (13 October 1901). Reprinted in Selected Works pp. 91-113. You may listen to this article on the LibriVox website There are two (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine “Night at the Grave in Waldheim”

PITTSBURG, 1889 Published in The Worm Turns Quiet they lie in their shrouds of rest, Their lids kissed close ’neath the lips of peace; (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine “Bastard Born”

At 24, Voltairine de Cleyre gave birth to a child, Harry, born on June 12, 1890. She refused to marry her boyfriend, James B. Elliot, who was (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine “Ave et Vale.”

1901. Selected Works 70–73. Listen to the poem Comrades, what matter the watch-night tells That a New Year comes or goes? What to us are the (...)

PRESLEY, Sharon "Voltairine de Cleyre"

This is Paper 1 of the Libertarian Feminist Heritage Series published by the Association of Libertarian Feminists. It was originally (...)

CRASS, Chris. "Voltairine de Cleyre - a biographical sketch"

Voltairine de Cleyre was born on November 17, 1866 in Leslie, Michigan. She was named after the philosopher Voltaire who her father admired (...)

de CLEYRE, Voltairine A Catechism of Anarchy

Philadelphia, Pa. : Published by the Social Science Club, [1902?] Labadie Collection

de CLEYRE. The Mexican Revolt

THAT a nation of people considering themselves enlightened, informed, alert to the interests of the hour, should be so generally and so (...)