WUNDERLICH, Roger. " Low Living And High Thinking’ At Modern Times, New York (1851-1864) "

Left libertarian communes / intentional communityANDREWS, Stephen Pearl (1812-1886)WARREN, JosiahModern Times, Long Island (New York)BibliographyWUNDERLICH, Roger

Ph.D. 1986. 312 p.

DAI, VOL. 47-05A, Page 1861

“explores the evolution of Modern Times from laboratory of anarchism to conventional Long Island village during the middle years of the nineteenth century. This libertarian enclave, small, poor, and eccentric, applied the twin precepts of Josiah Warren, its founder—sovereignty of the individual and cost the limit of price. Each person lived as he or she pleased so long as this did not impede the right of another to do the same, with goods and services traded at cost rather than market value.”