VANZETTI, Bartolomeo (1888-1927)


DOS PASSOS, John. "They Are Dead Now"

New Masses October 1927, 228–229. This isn’t a poem This is two men in grey prison clothes. One man sits looking at the sick flesh of his (...)

FELICANI, Aldino (1891-1967).- Chronology

– 1914 Flees Italy on account of his anti-war activites and migrates to the United States – As an Italian-American anarchist, typographer, and (...)

Some Curiosities. II. Winterset

USA, 1936 B & W, 80 minutes. RKO SCREENPLAY: Anthony VEILLER based on the homonymous play by Maxwell Anderson. CINEMATOGRAPHY: Peverell (...)

Anarchism in America

USA, 1981. 75 Mins., 16 mm. Original script by Paul Berman, in collaboration with Kristina Boden, Steven Fischler, Gerald Kagan, Lora Myers and (...)


– Ação Direta. Rio de Janeiro Diretor: José Oiticica, 1946 - 1959 (semanário). CEDAP Afirmación Subtítulo: Publicación anarquista Lugar: Buenos (...)

AVRICH, Paul. Bibliography

A major American historian of anarchism in the United States, but also of the Russian Revolution of 1917.

SACCO, Nicola e VANZETTI, Bartolomeo. Il caso Sacco e Vanzetti : una mostruosità giudiziaria : esposizione sintetica dei fatti più importanti inerenti al caso.

Pittura: Ben Shahn, "La passione di Sacco e Vanzetti" Edito a cura del Comitato centrale di difesa, Boston, Mass. Boston : Comitato centrale di (...)

Folk Songs related to anarchism

John Baez, "The Ballad of Sacco and Vanzetti" Woody Guthrie "Ballads of Sacco & Vanzetti" "Bella Ciao" This song was composed by the Italian (...)

Marc Blitzstein, "Sacco and Vanzetti" three-act opera.

Blitzstein (1905-1964), "the father of American opera" started writing it for the Metropolitan Opera in 1959 and Leonard Lehrman began work on it (...)

Anton Coppola, "Sacco and Vanzetti", opera. World Premiere Tampa Opera, March 16-18, 2001

Based on music he wrote for a film his nephew Francis Ford Coppola had planned to make but never did. "Composer/Librettist/Conductor Anton (...)

Anton Coppola, "Sacco and Vanzetti", opera. A Press Comment

By Lawrence A. Johnson, Opera News, July/Aug. 2001 Nearly one hundred people - including a cast of two-dozen singers, large chorus, extras and (...)

Anton Coppola, "Sacco and Vanzetti", opera. The Libretto

Anton Coppola is both composer and librettist for Sacco & Vanzetti. The first aspect of this work that strikes the listener is the language. (...)